Paloma Harrington, Home Staging Association UK/IE
Paloma Harrington
Home Staging Association UK/IE

Paloma Harrington is an ASP® Accredited Home Staging Master, Home Staging and Interior Styling Expert and Luxury Staging Specialist.

Global Director of the International Association of Home Staging Professionals, the IAHSP, and Vice President of the European Association of Staging Professionals, Paloma is also the Founder of the Home Staging Association UK & Ireland.

An entrepreneur at heart, having started businesses since the early 2000’s, Paloma believes in empowering people through knowledge, education and support. She is passionate about educating people and has organised several Home Staging events, in the UK and abroad, focusing on helping professionals with their businesses.

Apart from offering coaching and guidance for staging professionals and their businesses, Paloma runs her Home Staging businesses in the UK and in Brazil, being also the Co-Founder of the Brazilian Home Staging Association and School Nucleo de Home Staging, as well as the IAHSP® Chapter President for the country.