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Founder and Creative Director
I Am Female

Annie Bartley is a lesbian artist and design expert with over 16 years of experience working for brands including Unilever, BBC and Royal Academy of Arts. Annie is the Founder and Creative Director of I Am Female, an award-winning brand design & packaging development agency focusing on diversity and inclusion, giving a platform and voice to women and LGBTQIA+ community in the creative industry. Offering a full concept to artworking creative service for brands looking to level up their brand identity and packaging design & development, Annie uses her social platforms to talk about diversity and inclusion, and how it is the key to pushing true innovation in design.

Athena Stonecare

Becca Cranfield is Co-Director of Athena Stonecare, leading specialists in natural stone restoration and maintenance. Since taking on the role in 2018, she has overseen the development of the business, growing from a team of 1 to 5 in 3 years. By establishing partnerships with Stone Suppliers, Property Managers and Interior Designers, Becca has secured the company’s position as a supplier to the Prime and Super Prime Property Sector.

Athena Stonecare are hugely passionate about the ongoing care of your stone is important to us and so have developed a suite of advice and guidance on how to maintain the finish of your stone. This is distributed through stone suppliers across the UK and is also available to anyone who works with natural stone. Athena Aftercare is available free of charge to anyone who requests a copy and outlines all of Athena Stonecare’s top tips on how to ensure that the beauty of your stone endures from the minute it is installed.

Becca has also made huge strides for the company within the Stone Industry, winning Stone Federation accreditation for Athena Stonecare. In 2022 Becca became Co Chair of Women In Natural Stone, a Stone Federation led initiative aiming to create an opportunity for women within the natural stone industry and wider architectural and construction sectors to connect. The group also aims to encourage the next generation of women into a career in stone.

As a firm believer in the power of relationships, she has become a powerful networker within the construction sector. In 2021 Becca launched a property networking group in Buckinghamshire and established a series of events in London specifically for women in interiors, property and construction.


David is the founder of wellbeing PR agency DMC. With over 13 years of experience in leading agencies and brands in London across the fashion, beauty, lifestyle and wellness arena, helping support global brands and start-ups with media communication, editorial placements, social media curation and influencer engagement. Alongside this, David Mahoney is also a qualified counsellor, using this to embrace a holistic method of approaching communications, between all collaborators, stripping away the traditional agency model for a more personalised and personable approach, using the therapeutic skills of active listening, empathic understanding and reading the nuances between the lines.

Head of Technical Services
The British Institute of Cleaning Science

Behind the softly spoken Yorkshire accent, Denise brings a wealth of experience in the cleaning and hygiene industry to the BICSc team.

With over 40 years’ experience – from hotel housekeeping through to running her own company with contracts across the UK – Denise is always ready to pass on that knowledge to both experienced and non-experienced cleaning operatives. She never judges people on the questions they ask, just calmly and clearly explains what they want to know.

One of her passions is the care of hard floors and she is happiest when in control of a rotary machine – be it light buffing of a floor or stripping it back and re-applying a coat of polish.

Less Is More Consulting

First & foremost I am a Mumpreneur to 2 little ladies Lilly & Cadi Mae. I set up Less Is More Consulting with my amazing fellow Mumpreneur Sophie Doran as we needed to simplify our own lives as busy working parents and because we genuinely care and enjoy making things happen for others.

Through leaving our corporate careers we are incredibly grateful we can now do both by implementing solutions to step change business growth and being able to be more present for our families.

With over 45 years’ experience across FMCG organisations across all sectors / segments we consistently saw businesses overcomplicate their ways of working, and this led to ineffective delivery.

We simplify, we cut through & we make change happen…..

On a personal level my passions are supporting charities close to my heart , and being an active ally on all areas of ED&I but especially mental health, fertility, menopause and neurodiversity.

We are The Helpful

Hi there, I’m Kate, Founder of We are The Helpful; a curated gifting marketplace that provides help, not just stuff. We’re for the inner circle, the ones who look after you when you’re too busy looking after everyone else. We believe that life is built on moments, not industry dictated milestones, and that’s where we play; all the moments in between. You know them; it’s where life really happens.

I have close to 20 years of experience working for some of Australia’s largest brands across the aviation and financial services industries in the fields of business strategy, commercial development, partnerships and marketing. I’ve spent much of my career managing a broad range of Partnerships focussing heavily on the creation of customer and partner value systems and have developed programs that future-proof organisations in highly competitive industries.

But today, I'm beyond excited to be putting my experience, passion and energy into We Are The Helpful in the UK, a platform that I believe in so deeply, that’s so needed, that represents a gifting industry, and world, we all want to be a part of. A world where our loved ones are never doing it alone.

Get Comfy with Money

Lia Loewenthal is the go-to wingwoman for money mindset & wealth building of entrepreneurs and business owners. She founded ‘Get Comfy With Money’ to help others believe in the joy that comes with feeling confident and in control of your own money. She coaches business owners to build their mindset, strategy, pricing and dream workflows. What started as Lia’s passion and a journey to get out of personal debt has now become a fun and easy to follow blueprint and way of life for entrepreneurs to grow thriving businesses doing what they love!


I set up ECO for ALL 3 years ago with the sole purpose of supporting anyone who would like to live more sustainably but is stuck on the next steps - and also to make eco-friendly living as affordable as possible. This led me to create my RAMP up your Sustainability program, enabling me to share Realistic, Affordable, Manageable and Practical tips on small changes to everyday habits. My clients are living proof that these small changes create a bigger and long lasting difference. I have also helped them to discover there is a lot of money to be saved! As a mum of 2 who has been mindful of how we live for many years, I've researched everything from trusted brands and accreditations to look out for, to the positive impact being more eco-friendly has on our health. Sharing the many benefits of living a more eco-friendly lifestyle is my passion.

Chief Executive Officer
Go Inspire UK

Marina is an internationally published creative fashion Director and Stylist with a passion for unique style, preloved and vintage. She started her fashion journey from a very young age and she did editorial styling work for some of the biggest publications in the world. Her passion for supporting and bringing women together helped her to set up Go Inspire International in 2020. She is the force behind all our live events in SW London and the CEO of WSFW.

Founder & CEO
Natalie Evans

Inspiring, award winning business leader. Author. Optimist.
Natalie Evans is the Founder & CEO of award-winning home staging specialist Little Barn Door. Since establishing her business in late 2018, Natalie has touched the lives of homeowners across the UK with her unique and inspiring approach to property sales. Her experience with home owners has led her to explore the power of positivity and mindset on home selling outcomes, bringing her 2022 book & podcast series “Happy Home Sale” to life.

Home Staging Association UK/IE

Paloma Harrington is an ASP® Accredited Home Staging Master, Home Staging and Interior Styling Expert and Luxury Staging Specialist.

Global Director of the International Association of Home Staging Professionals, the IAHSP, and Vice President of the European Association of Staging Professionals, Paloma is also the Founder of the Home Staging Association UK & Ireland.

An entrepreneur at heart, having started businesses since the early 2000’s, Paloma believes in empowering people through knowledge, education and support. She is passionate about educating people and has organised several Home Staging events, in the UK and abroad, focusing on helping professionals with their businesses.

Apart from offering coaching and guidance for staging professionals and their businesses, Paloma runs her Home Staging businesses in the UK and in Brazil, being also the Co-Founder of the Brazilian Home Staging Association and School Nucleo de Home Staging, as well as the IAHSP® Chapter President for the country.

Director and Co-owner
Progressive Housewares Magazine, Max Publishing

Rob is director and co-owner of Max Publishing which includes Progressive Houseware Magazine and

Founder & Director
Black Business Network

Shari Leigh is the Founder of Black Business Network, an online community, events and support resources company for Black business owners and startup entrepreneurs.

After a decade-long career in the events industry, as a Global Operations Manager for membership and financial institutions; Shari was inspired to use her skills and passion for creating spaces where unrepresented entrepreneurs can strengthen their business connections, financing and knowledge, pioneering the launch of flagship conferences such as Black Investor 360.

Through Black Business Network, Shari has also led consultation and project management of high-level corporate strategies to remove systemic barriers and improve outcomes for Black and ethnic minority business owners; producing the research report Black. British. In Business & Proud in 2021 & 2022.

Working closely with organisations such as Lloyds Bank, and the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Ethnic Minority Entrepreneurs.

Shari and the work of the Black Business Network have also been featured as a writer and interviewee in publications such as The FT, The Independent, Forbes, Black Ballard and The Voice.

Shari has been quoted as saying: “Along this journey, I have learned about the numerous areas of support needed in our business community, and I have been honoured to build and share these resources with other entrepreneurs.”

Shari Leigh is also a member of the Lloyds Bank Black Business Advisory Committee.


Siân Pelleschi founded Sorted! – a decluttering and organising service – in 2016. Located in Stockport, she covers the North West of England in person and the world virtually.

She takes a firm but fair approach to help those who are struggling with their space – both physically and mentally – and believes that decluttering is not just about throwing ‘stuff’ away or creating beautiful surroundings, but about providing practical, long-lived processes that can support a person going forward.

In addition to running Sorted!, Siân is President of the Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers (APDO). She is in demand as a media spokesperson – having been featured in Cheshire Life and ‘Expert’s Corner’ on talk RADIO, as well as other broadcast, print and online news outlets.

Siân’s goal is to inspire, motivate and declutter as many lives and businesses as possible.

Visit Sorted! website here.

Founder & CEO
Poised Concierge

An experienced property and lifestyle manager for the affluent in London & Surrey. Having moved a number of times due to my father’s job, I have gained first-hand perspective of the bridges every international resident must cross to acclimatise when buying or managing a property in a country other than their home country. And so came Poised Concierge, a boutique Property and Lifestyle concierge. Now I specialise in sorting through the noise to find a home and local environment that reflects client needs and values, specifically for international residents moving to the U.K. This includes Property Finding, Acquisition, Home Set Up, and the following home management. With over 14 years in the property industry, building an expert team of varying specialities, I’ve obtained extensive knowledge and experience of how to best approach the UK property market to find not just a property, but a home best suited to our client and ensuring they can sustain it.