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Cleaning Product of the Year

This award celebrates the standout cleaning and laundry solutions that have revolutionised the way we tackle household chores. From groundbreaking formulas to eco-friendly innovations, we're recognising the products that make cleaning faster, easier, and more effective. We're looking for the cleaning products that have raised the bar for cleanliness and convenience in our homes.

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Cleaning Tool of the Year

We're searching for the standout tools and aids that redefine cleaning, whether they're ingenious new inventions or reliable classics. We celebrate the products that elevate our cleaning routines to a whole new level.

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Content Campaign of the Year

Celebrating the most impactful and engaging content campaigns within the home and lifestyle space. From captivating storytelling to innovative multimedia experiences, we recognise campaigns that have successfully connected with audiences, inspired action, and made a lasting impact. Join us in honoring the campaigns that have elevated brands, enriched communities, and set new standards for excellence in content creation and collaboration.

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Content Creator of the Year

This accolade celebrates the individuals who excel in crafting engaging and informative content related to home and lifestyle. From captivating videos to inspiring blog posts and innovative social media campaigns, we recognise their creativity and impact. Honouring the content creators who inspire and educate, helping homes in our community and beyond.

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Contribution to the Community

This award celebrates individuals, organisations, and initiatives that have made meaningful contributions to home communities. From charitable endeavors to community outreach programs, we honor those who have gone above and beyond to uplift, educate and support others. We highlight those who foster connections, empower individuals, and create positive change within communities.

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Contribution to the Environment

This award honours individuals, organizations, and initiatives making significant strides towards environmental conservation and sustainability within the home and lifestyle sector. From innovative eco-friendly products to impactful community initiatives, we celebrate those dedicated to reducing carbon footprints, promoting sustainable practices, and preserving our planet for future generations.

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Home Appliance of the Year

These are the appliances that lend a helping hand with cleaning, laundry, and saving time on everyday home tasks. From reliable essentials to innovative gadgets, we're celebrating the appliances that make life at home a little easier.

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Home Organisation Product of the Year

Open to the tools and solutions that help bring order to the chaos of everyday life. From storage solutions to decluttering aids, labels to toyboxes, filing cabinets to coat hangers, this award is for the products that help create tidy and efficient living spaces.

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Home Scent of the Year

This award celebrates the aromas that infuse our spaces with personality and charm. From comforting fragrances to invigorating scents, we're looking for the candles, diffusers, melts, sprays and scented products that elevate our environment - scents that evoke memories, set the mood, and make every moment at home more delightful.

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Innovation of the Year

This award celebrates groundbreaking advancements in the realm of smarter homing, from organisation to time-saving solutions, sustainability, and beyond. Eligible innovations must have entered the market no earlier than January 1st, 2023, and no later than April 1st, 2024. Join us in recognizing the game-changers that redefine how we live and interact with our homes, making them smarter, more efficient, and more sustainable.

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Lifestyle Solution of the Year

Celebrating the solutions that enrich our daily lives and propel us towards success. From intuitive apps, planners, and exceptional services, we're honoring the innovations that empower us to thrive both within and beyond our homes. Shining a spotlight on the at-home and online services, along with products that elevate our well-being, productivity, and overall lifestyle, contributing to our opportunity for joy and success in every moment!

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Professional Organiser of the Year

This award recognises the individuals who excel in the art of bringing order and harmony to spaces. We want to showcase the Professional Organisers who are changing client’s lives, receiving great testimonials or using innovative techniques. We are looking for passionate and successful Professional Organisers in the UK who transform chaos into calm, empowering their clients to lead more organised and fulfilling lives.

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